Oracle Cloud Supply Chain

Identify demand risk and evaluate the impact of demand changes on supply. Use a single application to plan supply and inventory and analyze trends. Revise plans to address shortages and overloads based on the latest data from across the supply chain. Reduce cost to serve, buffer variability, and stockouts by aligning business segment plans using a common supply network. Prioritize, simulate, and reschedule open orders based upon the latest supply availability.

Manage material and capacity across plants, distribution centers, suppliers, and contract manufacturers. Automatically select alternate resources and components to reduce lead time and capacity constraints. Plan process, discrete, configure-to-order, and outsourced production, as well as drop ship and back-to-back fulfillment. Review and collaborate on plan changes with internal and external stakeholders.

Eligible view of revenue, margin, inventory turns, and other metrics. Use guided navigation to drill down to details and perform cause and effect analysis of problems. Easily configure analytics to visualize issues, highlight exceptions, and focus on what matters. Simulate the impact of demand, supply, capacity, and item structure changes to prevent disruptions.

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