Oracle CX Commerce Cloud is part of Oracle’s full CX suite of marketing and sales solutions, is a cloud-native, fully featured, extensible SaaS commerce solution, delivered in the Oracle Cloud, supporting B2C and B2B models in a unified platform.


Delivered in Cloud

Oracle CX Commerce takes the demands and costs associated with the infrastructure, upgrade and customization. It lets the businesses focus on the enriching the user experiences.


Full range of features and functions for B2B Businesses

Oracle CX Commerce B2B is a feature-rich platform that can help you successfully sell your products to other businesses. This includes account management, customer specific pricing, approval workflows, quoting, customized promotions, are a few notable features.

Real time update

Real Time Updates

Oracle CX Commerce offers drag n drop feature that the business owners can leverage to perform website, system and back-end updates in real-time.

Best in class-fluid

Best-in-class Ecommerce Platform

The B2B companies can leverage the excellent capabilities of this ecommerce platform, including, Experience Management, Personalization, Content Management, Catalogs, Pricing and Promotions, Inventory Management, Shipping, Tax and Payment Gateway Integrations, and more. Oracle CX Commerce support 35 languages and currencies.


Oracle CX Commerce was built with API-first architecture, an open, standards-based development platform, and simplified integrations:


All functionalities are accessible through REST services API. The API is public and can be accessed.


There is nothing proprietary in Oracle CX Commerce; the storefront is built on HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and NodeJS.

Simplified Integrations

The API and Webhooks framework allows for faster, cheaper, less complex integrations to Oracle, third party, and homegrown solutions. Additionally, Commerce Cloud features an adapter for Oracle Integration Cloud Service (ICS) for drag and drop integrations and data mapping between Oracle and third-party applications.

Apolis can help you build a comprehensive strategy that leverages Oracle CX Products to create the best online experience for your customers. Oracle CX Commerce long served as the trusted commerce solution for the world’s top brands because it delivers on engaging, personalized shopping experiences. Apolis continues to provide comprehensive support and maintenance for implementations.

Integration: On Prem EBS with CX Commerce (I-Store Replacement)

Organizations using Oracle iStore and expecting to grow their online presence, Oracle CX Commerce can build a flexible, feature rich storefront and get to market fast, with an acknowledged, trusted partner managing the technology and infrastructure that keep your business running.

With the advent of Cloud and with many of Oracle Cloud applications, Apolis realized the need to assist their existing Oracle iStore customers to Oracle CX Commerce Cloud without affecting their current online presence, at the same time getting the best experience when using a Cloud application. With Oracle CX Commerce Cloud, integration to Oracle E-Business Suite modules is possible via Oracle’s PaaS services (Platform as a Service), which also means customers are not going to lose out on the tight integrations provided by Oracle iStore (with Oracle EBS).

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