Oracle Analytics Cloud empowers next generation analytics for businesses driving decisions through Inference, Predictions, Forecasts and AI learning into business aspects, in addition to enterprise wide business intelligence and reporting.

Together with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s Elastic Scalability, Oracle Analytics Cloud can pull heavy workloads and complex deployment scenarios, to provide low total cost of ownership (TCO). It's holistic service to bring BI, AI and Elasticity on a single platform, and furthermore connected with other Oracle Cloud Services, which in itself encompass all that a business would ever aspire.

Our experts provide enterprise wide solutions along with with research, and assist in optimum OAC architecture & capabilities to meet business analytics objectives across multiple industries with custom configurations. Below are some type of services.

Hybrid Cloud

With state of the art connectors & secure data transfers and access, Oracle Analytics Cloud use cases span several scenarios of combinations of traditional BI tools, cloud or on-premise combinations and application connectors.

We help you make the right system and integration architectures and tool selections for applications, cloud and analytics implementations.

Oracle epm Cloud
Oracle epm Cloud
Lift and Shift

In process of simplification and cost reduction, often we might need to move Oracle application specific analytics tools like OBIEE, OBIA, BICS etc.

We specializes in several Oracle services and products for Analytics and AI

  • Oracle Analytics Cloud Standard, Data Lake and Enterprise Editions
  • Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud
  • Oracle Data Visualization Desktop
  • Oracle Advanced Analytics and Data Mining
  • Oracle Essbase & Enterprise Planning Analytics
  • Oracle R, Oracle Big Data Cloud & Apache Spark
  • Oracle Data Integration Platform Cloud
Essbase Analytics

Essbase is industry leader in MOLAP Server environment for custom analytic and enterprise performance management having a high scalability. Oracle Essbase enables business users to model complex business scenarios in shorter time.

Designed specifically for business users, Oracle Essbase supports forecasting, variance analysis, root cause identification, scenario planning and what-if modelling for both custom and packaged applications.

Oracle epm Cloud
Oracle epm Cloud
Machine Learning & AI

Oracle Machine Learning combines adaptive intelligence, machine learning and service automation to create a powerful analytics platform, which breaks barriers between people, locations, data and systems, allowing businesses to analyze, understand, and act on information.

Oracle Analytics Cloud has Automated Feature Selection, Model (Algorithm) Selection, Hyperparameters Optimization etc which makes it easier to train models and manage their lifecycle in production.

Augmented Analytics

Businesses are beginning to understand the value of machine-learning-driven decisions where the business intelligence and large datasets act as fuel to AI and ML. The process involves capturing large datasets via big data, establishing unique machine learning steps, and making it production grade. Augmented Analytics system takes the steps of data preparation and initial analysis to automate these using ML and AI.

With ML and AI working 24/7 in autonomous manner, the ML algorithms are constantly refining patterns while looking for new ones, and the overall AI model is self-improvising via continuous stream of data. As the data grows, the accuracy of model improves.

Apolis offerings add value to your Oracle Augmented Analytics solutions, which empower your entire organization to ask any question related to its data and get AI answers.

Oracle epm Cloud
Oracle epm Cloud

Oracle Analytics allow various kinds of powerful visualization of complex datasets. The datasets can have nature of predictive, insight, other multi-dimensional or multi-feature aspects which can be intelligently and automatically mined by the Oracle product and presented in insightful comprehensive yet concise manner.

Apolis experts have the data science skills to assist in appropriate data visualization selection for a given problem statement, leading to quicker insight and delivery.

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