Calculate costing by organization, subinventory, locator, lot, grade, or serial number. With Cost profiles, user Managed Rules, Cost Methods, Over Heads and Currency Conversions, LCM. Greater usage of different Cost Types, Costing elements, the reporting and granular visibility is highly reliable.

Capture ideas from anywhere and organize them into initiatives. Engage colleagues with different areas of expertise to determine the most viable ideas for possible investment. Prioritize and advance the ideas with the best potential to deliver value, suitability, and feasibility and align with business objectives.

  • 01

    Execute a consistent process for the business-case data collection and justification of each proposal. And nAnd identify the best resources and determine the best Product proposals.

  • 02

    Analyze the risk versus financial objectives and the resource and budget constraints across a collection of product proposals using embedded or custom analytics. Simulate and Achieve a balanced portfolio to meet both short and long term objectives, and advance the proposals. capture, organize, collaborate, review, and prioritize requirements and specifications.

  • 03

    Prototype the Products , develop them and then implement to execute then in the Markets.

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