A central order hub to validate order information for completeness, price the order correctly, promise delivery accurately, plan the fulfillment for efficiency, automate the process as much as possible, and keep on top of all exceptions. complete omnichannel order-to-cash solution.

It provides flexibility to integrate with your existing systems and configure the seeded order fulfillment processes to suit your specific business needs. These capabilities allow you to achieve lower implementation costs, higher customer satisfaction, lower fulfillment costs, quick revenue.

Capture, configure, and price orders. Let your users easily configure the system to meet your changing business needs. Leverage your current IT investments and consolidate quotes and orders from all your channels and existing systems. Automate, monitor, and manage the process from order capture, to settlement, to post-sales care.

Enable drop-ships, back-to-back, capable-to-promise, configure-to-order, and more, while tailoring new processes to meet your needs. Define and execute order fulfillment processes for products as well as services on the same order. Get updates on orders, inventory, shipments, planned supply, and invoices, and improve the quality of decisions through in-context analytics.

Keep tabs on fulfillment tasks and resolve issues before they affect customer commitments. View and evaluate various options before picking the best one. Define and enforce rules for changing orders

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