Oracle Customer Experience (CX) provides a complete set of best-in-class, integrated, cloud-enabled solutions, that encompass the entire customer journey, from marketing, sales, and service to Commerce, Social and Industry-specific CX offerings. Oracle has the most complete platform for companies wishing to move to the Cloud.

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By unifying customer data and steamlining the experience, our expertise includes Integrating CX Cloud suite with Oracle E-Business Suite (ERP), solution architecture, development, customization, technical consulting, and application support services. Apolis helps you with Oracle CX Cloud Suite implementation across various domains such as sales, commerce, service, social, and configure, price, and quote (CPQ).

Oracle CX Portfolio

  • Oracle Sales Cloud
    Oracle epm Cloud

    The Oracle Sales Cloud provides tools for customer data management, sales categorization, sales force automation, sales prediction, analytics and communication among sales teams and with customers and prospects. Helping drive sales through powerful solutions to enable your sales staff to sell more and your managers to manage the sales better – features include customer insights, useful analytics, and efficient integration with marketing department.

  • Oracle Marketing Cloud
    Oracle epm Cloud

    The Marketing Cloud enables marketing departments to craft digital campaigns to target prospects and existing customers. The Marketing Cloud enlists automation and data analytics to segment audiences, target recipients and craft personalized content and messaging to them. Enabling marketers to target prospects, execute campaigns easily, send leads in real time, close deals, and generate positive ROI.

  • Oracle Service Cloud
    Oracle epm Cloud

    The Service cloud consists of tools for customer service management. The platform lets enterprises establish contact centers that allow them to interact with their customers across multiple channels as well as to track and manage incident reports and resolutions. For connected engagements for businesses to realize their needs and solve problems, ultimately satisfying customers – combining social, contact centre, and web experiences for a comprehensive service solution.

  • Oracle CPQ Cloud
    Oracle epm Cloud

    The CPQ Cloud allows users to configure price and quote management systems to control product pricing and order receipts accurately. Users can also develop marketing strategies involving discounts, rebates, and promotional sales. The automated quoting tools empower sales representatives to generate custom proposals and orders for order accuracy immediately. It offers a seamless and dynamic sales process, giving sales reps the ability to respond to their customers faster, gives customers the ability to sign documents electronically, and shorten sales timeframes.

  • Oracle Commerce Cloud
    Oracle epm Cloud

    Oracle CX Commerce is a cloud-native, fully featured, extensible SaaS commerce solution, delivered in the Oracle Cloud, supporting B2C and B2B models in a single platform. This application enables companies to build websites or virtual storefronts. Using templates and other prebuilt components, users design, implement and manage their storefronts on the Web. Engaging your customers through great online shopping experiences customized for specific customers based on your knowledge of them and their interests – management of search promotions, product catalogs, coupons, pricing, etc.

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