Oracle Cloud Manufacturing helps in Streamline your global, mixed-mode manufacturing operations, shop floor execution, optimize real-time decisions, and control quality and cost. Integrate seamlessly with manufacturing and supply chain systems, enabling you to act on decisions without doing manual entries.


Use intuitive, visual, and web-based interface tools to build a foundation of manufacturing plant dataSend automated item structure change notifications to manufacturing. View production status and take action on the go. Manage discrete, batch, rework, or transform work orders for both in-house and external operations. Enforce product quality and maintain tight control on serialized products. Backflush all materials automatically and charge all resources without the need for a work order.

Effectively plan and monitor manufacturing standard costs and variances by plant. Calculate material and resource costs using various costing methods: standard, actual, FIFO, or even multiple simultaneous costing methods. Facilitate period-end close with partial work order valuation of work-in-progress assemblies and Cost Variances.

Collect the lot and serial transactions in inventory and manufacturing processes into product genealogy. Alternate cost methods, currencies, and overheads. Search and track lot and serial numbers across organizations. View a visual timeline of transaction history with a drill down to source transactions.

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