Why Cloud Now?

“According to Gartner, 43% of CIOs will have more than half of their infrastructure and applications operating on Cloud leveraging a robust partner ecosystem, broad professional and integration services and, industry specific services.”

As we continue to navigate growing uncertainty caused by the global pandemic, the importance of organizational resiliency has never been greater. Cloud-based infrastructures are vital to help companies optimize, manage and scale IT resources, and drive sustainable business change and value at speed and scale. Companies are seeking ways to accelerate their migration from on-premise to cloud, adapt to this new normal, and pave the way forward

Our end-to-end cloud solutions accelerate your transformation by:

  • Optimize, manage, scale and outsource your IT resources
  • Empower employees with an anywhere, anytime, any device work environment
  • Cost control and lower up-front investment

We have formed strategic partnerships & Alliance with various cloud computing service providers and technology companies.



Quick deployments

The cloud speeds up not only the process of building new infrastructure, but also development activities, testing and implementation of production solutions. Using it will help you concentrate on development of your business and not issues related to system maintenance.


Ensuring security

If you run a business using IT solutions, it is crucial to ensure its security. What’s more, if you store your Clients’ data on servers, you need to comply with applicable regulations. The cloud offers multiple high-class solutions, proper use of which will solve these problems.


Cost optimisation

Badly designed cloud infrastructure is likely to generate significant and often unnecessary costs. Our specialists will optimise your use of resources and will implement solutions which will enable making substantial savings without the need to give up functionalities.



Failures happen to even the best-designed systems. If you would like to have it under constant control, you would have to hire a special team dedicated to this one task. A much more effective solution is to employ experienced specialists who will be at your service to react appropriately in case of any malfunction.


Process automation

Not all processes need to be performed by humans. Many can be automated and thus improved in terms of efficiency. This will speed up work and make you less dependent on factors associated with shortages in human resources.

Cloud Infra Services

Our Services

We will support you in:

  • Architecture design
  • Reacting to incidents
  • Application management
  • Infrastructure and applications monitoring
  • Cloud infrastructure management
  • Cost optimisation
  • Ensuring security and compliance


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