08 Feb
Upgrading to Oracle EBS 12.2? Here’s Everything You Need to Know
by Apolis Feb 08, 2022

Upgrading your Oracle EBS (E-Business Suite) to 12.2 can help you enhance user experience drastically along with other numerous benefits in terms of efficiency, performance, ROI, and advanced functionalities. Since the premium support for Oracle EBS 12.1 and its earlier versions was only until Dec 2021, it leaves the users with extended support only, effective Jan 2022. If you wish...

25 Jan
Apache Log4J Vulnerabilities: How to Secure Your System from Security Exploits?
by Apolis Jan 25, 2022

By now you must have heard a buzz around log4j vulnerabilities and how they ended up making headlines towards the end of 2021. It has been a few weeks; yet companies are still trying to wrap their heads around the risks and ways to eradicate the whole problem. With over 800,000 exploits in the first 72 hours of the very...

29 Nov
Health Plus Partners with Apolis for SAP Systems Migration to AWS and Managed Services
by Apolis Nov 29, 2021

El Segundo, California – 11th November 2021: Apolis announced that Health Plus, a leader in providing well-researched, safe, effective nutritional supplements in the US, continues their partnership with Apolis as their technology partner for SAP systems migration to AWS and managed services. Apolis has been a managed services partner to Health Plus for over 3 years. Health Plus is leveraging...

25 Mar
Migrating Oracle EBS to Oracle ERP Cloud: How the ‘Rapid4Cloud’ Methodology is Accelerating Cloud Migration
by Apolis Mar 25, 2021

Join Apolis' Cloud Migration experts on March 25th at 10 AM PST for an exclusive webinar as we explore and showcase how you can simplify and accelerate your Oracle EBS migration to Oracle ERP Cloud with 'Rapid4Cloud' accelerator. In our webcast, we will cover... How RPA and Artificial Intelligence accelerate the process involved in upgrading On-Premises EBS to Oracle ERP...

05 Jan
3 Ways Companies are Adopting an HR Transformation Strategy for 2021
by Apolis Jan 05, 2021

HR is undoubtedly one of the essential departments in an organization - responsible for employee recruiting, hiring, onboarding, training, and administering employee benefits. After the COVID-19 outbreak, HR can be said to be the most affected department in a company - in need of a significant transformation to assure that the respective business stays up and running in these difficult...

30 Dec
4 Self-learning Trends that have Emerged from Remote Work
by Apolis Dec 30, 2020

Working remote has not only resulted in a significant shift in the work-lifestyle that most individuals used to abide by, but it has also caused employees and employers to become self-dependent. Although organizations have encouraged the implementation of collaborative efforts within a team, people have also acquired how to proceed with work-related tasks and operations without being dependent on what...

15 Dec
How Industry Leaders Are Augmenting Their Workforce With Sap Successfactors & Setting Their Company up for Success
by Apolis Dec 15, 2020

The newly emerged remote work-lifestyle has brought along a high demand for platforms which could efficiently assist in vital business operations such as HR and management tasks. With team members working with each other from different locations, it has undoubtedly become arduous to follow up with various management operations which hold great importance. Throughout the past several months, SAP SuccessFactors...

15 Dec
How can you successfully improve your work environment for remote work and development?
by Apolis Dec 15, 2020

2020 marked the year with the highest number of businesses and companies opting for remote work to ensure the safety of their staff and employees. The Coronavirus Pandemic led to the emergence of a new form of work lifestyle, which altered the way that organizations operate. Earlier, platforms aimed to facilitate distant work such as Slack, Zoom, and Dropbox, were...

09 Dec
Harnessing the Power of Data Analytics for 2021 and Beyond
by Apolis Dec 09, 2020

It is no exaggeration that a company’s success lies in the way they gather their data, analyze the results in an efficient manner, and make alterations to their tactics based on the respective outcomes. However, very few companies are able to successfully carry this process through, placing them in a weak spot when it comes to establishing the strongest competition...

28 Oct
4 ways Oracle Cloud is the Future of ERP
by Apolis Oct 28, 2020

The ongoing economic disruption and uncertainty has forced thousands of businesses to reassess every aspect of their practice from strategy and organization to their financial well-being. As resiliency continues to be tested, organizations are leveraging the opportunities of digital acceleration to guide their broader business strategy changes and stay competitive. At Apolis, we assist you and your organization in navigating...

21 Oct
6 Ways Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Can Improve Your Marketing
by Apolis Oct 21, 2020

As Artificial Intelligence continues to take over different verticals of business, one of our team members wrote an article highlighting the key areas where simple Machine Learning solutions are already delivering significant value in the marketing space. Machine Learning By PhotosHobby Six months ago, bustling cities with flourishing businesses and communities across the globe came to an unprecedented mandatory halt....

07 Aug
Emerging Technologies will Give You the Competitive Advantage in 2020 and Beyond
by Apolis Aug 07, 2019

Emerging technologies hold the key to outmaneuvering your competition cost effectively. AI, Cloud, Data Analytics, IOT and Machine Learning today lead the charge of technologies that are birthing the new customer experiences that will transform our world beyond 2020. More and more companies are using these technologies to make themselves relevant and future ready. At Apolis we work with companies...

14 Mar
The latest iOS update makes subscription management a lot easier
by Apolis Mar 14, 2019

The latest version of iOS makes it a lot easier to manage your subscriptions on iPhone and iPad. The small change puts “Manage Subscriptions” front and center within the profile section of the App Store – a big improvement on the labyrinthine selection of menus and submenus you had to navigate to find it before. The change brings it in...

30 Jan
TechTarget calls upon the experts at Apolis to give their thoughts on finding just the right ERP consultant for the job.
by Apolis Jan 30, 2019

TechTarget sat down with leaders in the ERP managed services space to discuss what companies should consider when searching for an ERP consultant. Our very own Doug Jett, Senior Vice President of Managed Services, provides some valuable insight below, in the first of a series of TechTarget articles on ERP. https://searcherp.techtarget.com/feature/Finding-the-right-ERP-consultants-is-key-to-project-success

24 Jan
Contemplations About the Year Ahead in Cloud Computing
by Apolis Jan 24, 2019

A December 2018 article in CloudTech, “If You’re Planning A Major Move To The Cloud – Ask These 13 Questions First” (https://www.cloudcomputing-news.net/news/2018/dec/13/if-youre-planning-major-move-cloud-ask-these-13-questions-first/), posed a number of thoughtful questions, ones that we here at Apolis have been posing to our managed services clients for quite some time now. Of the list of 13, we’ve pulled out our Top Five, and added...