07 Aug
Emerging Technologies will Give You the Competitive Advantage in 2020 and Beyond
by Apolis Aug 07, 2019

Emerging technologies hold the key to outmaneuvering your competition cost effectively. AI, Cloud, Data Analytics, IOT and Machine Learning today lead the charge of technologies that are birthing the new customer experiences that will transform our world beyond 2020. More and more companies are using these technologies to make themselves relevant and future ready. At Apolis we work with companies...

14 Mar
The latest iOS update makes subscription management a lot easier
by Apolis Mar 14, 2019

The latest version of iOS makes it a lot easier to manage your subscriptions on iPhone and iPad. The small change puts “Manage Subscriptions” front and center within the profile section of the App Store – a big improvement on the labyrinthine selection of menus and submenus you had to navigate to find it before. The change brings it in...

30 Jan
TechTarget calls upon the experts at Apolis to give their thoughts on finding just the right ERP consultant for the job.
by Apolis Jan 30, 2019

TechTarget sat down with leaders in the ERP managed services space to discuss what companies should consider when searching for an ERP consultant. Our very own Doug Jett, Senior Vice President of Managed Services, provides some valuable insight below, in the first of a series of TechTarget articles on ERP. https://searcherp.techtarget.com/feature/Finding-the-right-ERP-consultants-is-key-to-project-success

24 Jan
Contemplations About the Year Ahead in Cloud Computing
by Apolis Jan 24, 2019

A December 2018 article in CloudTech, “If You’re Planning A Major Move To The Cloud – Ask These 13 Questions First” (https://www.cloudcomputing-news.net/news/2018/dec/13/if-youre-planning-major-move-cloud-ask-these-13-questions-first/), posed a number of thoughtful questions, ones that we here at Apolis have been posing to our managed services clients for quite some time now. Of the list of 13, we’ve pulled out our Top Five, and added...