by Apolis Published Dec 30, 2020

Working remote has not only resulted in a significant shift in the work-lifestyle that most individuals used to abide by, but it has also caused employees and employers to become self-dependent. Although organizations have encouraged the implementation of collaborative efforts within a team, people have also acquired how to proceed with work-related tasks and operations without being dependent on what was previously provided to them in their respective workplaces. Many of the self-learning trends that have emerged as a result of the remote work-lifestyle have undoubtedly changed how a plethora of businesses would be operating in the coming years. Some of the skills that employees have acquired on their own during this phase of remote working are:

1. Technology-savvy

It can easily be said that remote work boils down to one thing – how well a team can utilize technology to assure that their work is completed and success is achieved without glitches. As soon as remote work began to be commonly implemented across all businesses and organizations, the first thing that individuals started to teach themselves was how to download and use applications that were once unknown to them. This was the first self-learning trend that emerged in the workforce as a result of the pandemic. Without a doubt, technology can be said to be the one resource that has helped employers and employees stay connected throughout this period. Hence, people realized that they would be incapable of collaborating with their time and completing their tasks without becoming tech-savvy while working remotely.


2. Time Management & Organization

Before the pandemic, employees were given a clear set of directions regarding work that had to be completed daily, weekly, or monthly. Each day, individuals would travel to their offices/place of work and have in their mind a prepared list of tasks that they need to complete in a certain amount of time. However, without a boss or co-workers keeping a check on what you are currently working on, it becomes challenging to keep up with deadlines, remain organized, and manage your time. One of the most common skills that individuals have learned on their own as a result of remote work is time management and organization. Employees have now educated themselves on setting reminders, creating to-do lists, managing schedules & meetings, and staying away from as many distractions as possible. A positive aspect of this self-learning trend is that once mastered. It can be a tremendous catalyst to success in various other areas of life.

time management

3. Self-Motivation & Dedication

Undoubtedly, one of the most challenging skills to acquire in general, especially while working from home, is self-motivation. Working with your colleagues in an office environment made it facile for employees to motivate them and encourage co-workers to strive further. However, working from home made it arduous for individuals to complete their work and meet continuous deadlines effectively. However, most people who were on remote work instruction became aware of this obstacle and began to implement changes in their work-lifestyle to overcome the challenge. Employees have learned to utilize various self-learning applications to stay away from distractions and get work done on time. Employees have also accustomed themselves to keeping their phones away while working and using technology to make personalized calendars and schedules for themselves to follow. Although self-motivation and dedication may come off as an easy skill to master, it can be said that it is one of the most necessary and common self-learning trends that have emerged due to the pandemic.

Self Motivation

4. Communication

Even before remote working, communication was a vital issue within an organization or business. Due to COVID-19, staying connected became even more difficult than before. With employees being situated in different cities, states, or even countries, communication became an obstacle that, if not overcome, would carry the potential to become the downfall of a company. As a result, individuals began to self-learn various tactics and strategies to beat this challenge and assure their organization is not a put-on stake. Since employees were restricted from seeing their bosses and co-workers face to face every day, they began to learn how to use several different applications and software to resolve this issue. Some of these include Slack, Zoom, Microsoft Teams – and the list goes on. Communication can be one self-learning trend that emerged as a result of remote working, which is crucial for a company to grow and succeed each day.


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