05 Jan
3 Ways Companies are Adopting an HR Transformation Strategy for 2021
by Apolis Jan 05, 2021

HR is undoubtedly one of the essential departments in an organization - responsible for employee recruiting, hiring, onboarding, training, and administering employee benefits. After the COVID-19 outbreak, HR can be said to be the most affected department in a company - in need of a significant transformation to assure that the respective business stays up and running in these difficult...

30 Dec
4 Self-learning Trends that have Emerged from Remote Work
by Apolis Dec 30, 2020

Working remote has not only resulted in a significant shift in the work-lifestyle that most individuals used to abide by, but it has also caused employees and employers to become self-dependent. Although organizations have encouraged the implementation of collaborative efforts within a team, people have also acquired how to proceed with work-related tasks and operations without being dependent on what...

15 Dec
How Industry Leaders Are Augmenting Their Workforce With Sap Successfactors & Setting Their Company up for Success
by Apolis Dec 15, 2020

The newly emerged remote work-lifestyle has brought along a high demand for platforms which could efficiently assist in vital business operations such as HR and management tasks. With team members working with each other from different locations, it has undoubtedly become arduous to follow up with various management operations which hold great importance. Throughout the past several months, SAP SuccessFactors...

15 Dec
How can you successfully improve your work environment for remote work and development?
by Apolis Dec 15, 2020

2020 marked the year with the highest number of businesses and companies opting for remote work to ensure the safety of their staff and employees. The Coronavirus Pandemic led to the emergence of a new form of work lifestyle, which altered the way that organizations operate. Earlier, platforms aimed to facilitate distant work such as Slack, Zoom, and Dropbox, were...

09 Dec
Harnessing the Power of Data Analytics for 2021 and Beyond
by Apolis Dec 09, 2020

It is no exaggeration that a company’s success lies in the way they gather their data, analyze the results in an efficient manner, and make alterations to their tactics based on the respective outcomes. However, very few companies are able to successfully carry this process through, placing them in a weak spot when it comes to establishing the strongest competition...

28 Oct
4 ways Oracle Cloud is the Future of ERP
by Apolis Oct 28, 2020

The ongoing economic disruption and uncertainty has forced thousands of businesses to reassess every aspect of their practice from strategy and organization to their financial well-being. As resiliency continues to be tested, organizations are leveraging the opportunities of digital acceleration to guide their broader business strategy changes and stay competitive. At Apolis, we assist you and your organization in navigating...

21 Oct
6 Ways Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Can Improve Your Marketing
by Apolis Oct 21, 2020

As Artificial Intelligence continues to take over different verticals of business, one of our team members wrote an article highlighting the key areas where simple Machine Learning solutions are already delivering significant value in the marketing space. Machine Learning By PhotosHobby Six months ago, bustling cities with flourishing businesses and communities across the globe came to an unprecedented mandatory halt....

21 Aug
Apolis and Linktech Announce Strategic Joint Venture to Collaborate in North America SAP Market
by Apolis Aug 21, 2020

El Segundo, California – 18th 2020: Apolis and Linktech are pleased to announce they have entered a strategic venture, combining Apolis strong next-gen technology consulting practice in the US with Linktech’s premier Mexico-based SAP Practice.
As a result of the growing demand for more SAP and S/4 HANA implementations, this partnership brings together two firms with deep expertise in SAP solutions and capabilities including S/4 HANA implementation and migration, HCM transformation through SAP SuccessFactors, Embedded Analytics and much more.

24 Apr
Is Your Company Ready for a post-COVID-19 Business Rebirth?
by Apolis Apr 24, 2020
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24 Mar
Apolis Rises to Meet COVID-19 Threat
by Apolis Mar 24, 2020

Apolis Rises to Meet COVID-19 Threat The Apolis team wants to brief our clients and partners on what we are doing throughout the COVID-19 pandemic to help your business and ensure safety. While everyone across the world continues to navigate the uncertainty of COVID-19, Apolis is committed to supporting your business throughout the course of this pandemic and to provide...