19 Feb
Application Development and Managed Service for Cancer diagnostics and Pharma services company
by Apolis Feb 19, 2020

Challenge: One of the premier cancer diagnostics and pharma services client serving oncologists, pathologists, pharmaceutical companies needed a way to electronically interface to its customers systems in order to communicate orders and processed results while reducing the common delays and issues caused by paper-based ordering.   Approach: Apolis architected a solution to design a synchronization process in LIMS that allowed...

17 Feb
Web Application with AI based automation Swayed
by Apolis Feb 17, 2020

Challenge: Hospitality industry was facing challenges connecting to individual guests, understanding their preferences and personalizing experiences. It was challenging to leverage individual guest data to send custom offers and discounts.   Approach: Engage uniquely with each guest by leveraging profile data and guest preferences to inform how your guest wants to interact with your property. Provide information such as location...

12 Feb
SAP on Cloud for a Leading Health Food Manufacturer
by Apolis Feb 12, 2020

Challenge:   A leading California-based Health Food Manufacturing firm faced challenges with its existing on-premises enterprise SAP production system workloads. The firm wanted a more agile, cost-efficient, secure and scalable IT enterprise environment so it could respond faster to changing market requirements. Its existing on-premises IT infrastructure was a major hindrance, keeping the company from achieving high levels of flexibility and responsiveness to continually...

10 Feb
Improved Decision Making with Cloud Analytics and AI ready Data Model for $10b Automotive Manufacturer
by Apolis Feb 10, 2020

Challenge:   A leading global automotive manufacturer needed to create a new data architecture and management foundation—modernizing its technology platform to improve access to their materials, manufacturing, inventory, sales and financial data to better manage its supply chain and implement robust analytics for predictive decision making.   Our client sought a scalable, flexible solution that could meet the demands of its diverse and complex systems including suppliers. They needed a way to...

05 Feb
EBS upgrade for Leader in the manufacturing & distribution of branded and licensed sports accessories
by Apolis Feb 05, 2020

Company Overview: Specializing in the sporting goods industry since 1989, ENI-JR286 is a leader in the manufacturing/distribution of branded and licensed sports accessories. ENI-JR286 is a successful entrepreneurial business with the vision to become the premiere accessories company in the industry. ENI-JR286 is the best in class branded accessories company across all functions - including customer service, supply chain management,...

21 Jan
SAP Business Objects Upgrade, Report Conversion and Administration for California’s Largest Oil and Gas Producer
by Apolis Jan 21, 2020

Challenge: One of California’s largest oil and gas producers faced challenges with its existing Business Objects implementation as SAP ended Mainstream Maintenance and Priority One Support of installed version. Desktop Intelligence, a tool no longer supported in the newer release was used extensively for report development in the past. Major task post upgrade was the need of converting thousands of...

15 Jan
5 Apolis Recommendations for your Well-Architected Cloud Computing Environment
by Apolis Jan 15, 2020

As enterprises across the world gear up for cloud-powered future, managing cloud adoption through remote infrastructure has become a top business priority in the run-up to 2020 and beyond. Here are 7 key trends that will transform the technology landscape of companies across the world:   --The global cloud computing market is forecast to go over $200 billion in 2019 --Cloud...

10 Jan
Enterprise BI Reporting for Japanese multinational ceramics and electronics manufacturer
by Apolis Jan 10, 2020

Challenge: California office of large Japanese ceramics and electronics manufacturing company identified an opportunity to improve the efficiency of its financial reporting process. Preparing board package typically took days of work each month, including a substantial time just to compile the data. Everything was manual, from downloading balance from SAP, reformatting it in Excel, reviewing the transactions, making adjustment and...

09 Jan
B2B E-Commerce Application with ERP integration for A Leading Apparel Manufacturer
by Apolis Jan 09, 2020

Challenge: Client needed to create a B2B E-Commerce portal to allow the wholesale customers to select the warehouse of their choice, purchase using credit-based payment and manage orders online. Client required an ERP integration, order management, better visibility and reduction in overhead costs.   Approach: Apolis architected a solution with the Magento E- Commerce enterprise application for the subscription-based customers...

06 Jan
Subscription Change Management with Integration to ERP for Leading Healthcare brand
by Apolis Jan 06, 2020

Challenge: Client had a huge customer base and was facing difficulty in providing the customer with Subscription renewal and cancellation information from within the E-Commerce application. The customers had to make changes to the order by calling the support team, which caused issues for customers and the inhouse support team.   Approach: Apolis architected a solution with Magento CMS and...

10 Dec
SAP landscape migration to AWS for Apolis customer
by Apolis Dec 10, 2019

The scope of work: Prepare the current applications for readiness Prepare the AWS environment for SAP Landscape Upgrade the OS/DB on On-Premise datacenter with required versions compatible for AWS Migrate the SAP Applications to AWS Configure and follow-up activities Troubleshoot the issues and handover the environment Approach in migration of SAP landscape to AWS CloudEndure replication Reconfigure customer landscape integration...

12 Aug
Apolis implements Oracle ERP Cloud in a short 7-month time frame for Real Estate Leader
by Apolis Aug 12, 2019

Apolis implements Oracle ERP Cloud in a short 7-month time frame for Real Estate Leader  When you are a US-based real estate leader experiencing a surge of market growth, you need a financial solution that manages all aspects of your rapidly expanding business. The Rancon Group chose the Oracle ERP team at Apolis to help them increase productivity, decrease costs and streamline financial activity. The results speak for themselves.  The...

09 May
Getting Out of The Data Center Business, Evolving To Oracle R12 and AWS
by Apolis May 09, 2018

Specializing in the global sporting goods industry since 1989, JR286 is a leader in the manufacturing and distribution of branded and licensed sports accessories. A successful entrepreneurial business with the vision to become the premiere accessories company in the industry, JR286 needed to take their IT infrastructure – especially its finance capabilities -- to a whole new world-class level of...

08 May
Migrating to Oracle’s World-Class Cloud Based ERP Platform
by Apolis May 08, 2018

When you’re the fastest growing e-commerce car sales network in the US, you need a best-practices IT infrastructure that manages all of your financial data within one simple, easy-to-navigate application. Carvana chose the team of managed services experts at Apolis to help them increase productivity, decrease costs and streamline financial activity. The results speak for themselves. (more…)

07 May
Finding The Right Resources for EDI Roll-Out
by Apolis May 07, 2018

This $13 billion multi-national ceramics and electronic manufacturer is a consistent leader in its space, with significant growth forecasted. The company decided to implement Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) across the enterprise organization, and needed it done by a very specific deadline. Enter Apolis, chosen by the company to drive identification of necessary resources for the project at hand. (more…)

06 May
Building A Dedicated Team Model and Reporting Structure
by Apolis May 06, 2018

This large Managed Services Provider (MSP) had recently won the bid for an MSP with a large banking and financial institution. The company needed to assemble a supplier base outlined by the end user that focused on diversity and inclusion, specializing in supporting IT requirements across the US. (more…)

05 May
Finding A Senior Data Analyst Superstar
by Apolis May 05, 2018

When a senior IT leader at a $950 million oil and gas company identified a potential future challenge for his team, he immediately reached out to Apolis to assist him in building an actionable plan to circumvent the potential pitfall. In addition to building a plan, Apolis went to work identifying the ideal candidate for the job, a talent who...