by Apolis Published Feb 17, 2020


  • Hospitality industry was facing challenges connecting to individual guests, understanding their preferences and personalizing experiences.
  • It was challenging to leverage individual guest data to send custom offers and discounts.



  • Engage uniquely with each guest by leveraging profile data and guest preferences to inform how your guest wants to interact with your property.
  • Provide information such as location data, dwell time, traffic patterns, weather and more to increase touch points
  • Leverage all historical purchase data across systems to help inform future purchase decisions and what messages guests are most likely to be interested in.



  • Apolis built a system that learns from the existing data to create a holistic view of guests on each property/ hotel that acts on data insights to personalize guest journeys with real time messages and experiences.
  • Apolis uses innovative approach to ensure that deliverables are robust, flexible, adaptable and have completeness of vision.

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