by Apolis Published May 05, 2018

When a senior IT leader at a $950 million oil and gas company identified a potential future challenge for his team, he immediately reached out to Apolis to assist him in building an actionable plan to circumvent the potential pitfall. In addition to building a plan, Apolis went to work identifying the ideal candidate for the job, a talent who could lead the client to certain success.


It would take months for the internal staff to reallocate workloads and create a team that had the time to find a potential solution. What the client needed was a fast, efficient way to process data points with a visualization tool, resulting in a road map to help the company identify a higher probability of successful exploration. This challenge could only be overcome by a professional with a very specific skill set. Apolis got to work.


Apolis partnered with the client and embarked on a professional recruitment journey to find a Senior Data Analyst who could work within the client’s current platform while creating and migrating data into a new visualization tool. In no time, Apolis uncovered a resource who developed a new data strategy using a visualization tool. The result: the ability for the company to identify a higher probability of successful exploration going forward. Mission accomplished.

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