by Apolis Published Jan 06, 2020


  • Client had a huge customer base and was facing difficulty in providing the customer with Subscription renewal and cancellation information from within the E-Commerce application.
  • The customers had to make changes to the order by calling the support team, which caused issues for customers and the inhouse support team.



  • Apolis architected a solution with Magento CMS and customized the application based on the client needs to include the customer registration along with their credit information, customized product detail
  • Enabled warehouse pickup option with Shipping based on the custom carton size along weight of garments to calculate shipping charges.
  • Integrated Third party payment gateway along credit systems through API and Integrated ERP application for seamless order processing and notification to customer.



  • With easy access of subscription order details from within the E-Commerce application and ability to change the order details from within the application, the customer and client were able to manage the orders quickly and efficiently that reduced lots of manual interventions.

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