by Apolis Published Jan 25, 2022

Apache Log4J Vulnerabilities

By now you must have heard a buzz around log4j vulnerabilities and how they ended up making headlines towards the end of 2021. It has been a few weeks; yet companies are still trying to wrap their heads around the risks and ways to eradicate the whole problem. With over 800,000 exploits in the first 72 hours of the very issue becoming public, you must take its severity into consideration. Affected systems also include tech giants such as Apple, Oracle, IBM, and Microsoft. Since log4j is ubiquitous in the Java world, the impact it has is catastrophic.

What is Log4J?

Apache log4j is a free, open-source logging utility that is used by thousands of websites and business applications around the world. It is bundled within numerous Java applications for the purpose of logging and troubleshooting. The log4j security vulnerability enables attackers to execute a remote code on the targeted computer to steal data, install malware, or take control over the entire system. On December 9, 2021, a remote code execution (RCE) vulnerability in Apache log4j 2 was identified and has been exploited since then.

What’s the Impact?

Log4J vulnerability was rated a 10 on the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS scale of 1 to 10). If leveraged by attackers, different organizations, not limited to IT, will be blighted by the potential risks it tags along. Many companies such as IBM, AWS, Microsoft, and Oracle have issued their advisories informing customers about the log4j vulnerabilities and how important it is for them to install applicable security updates at the earliest. Alongside, companies are performing required upgrades, patching, and mitigation activities for cloud-hosted and on-premises environments.

What Can You Do?

One of the ways to mitigate the log4j risks and vulnerability exploits is to keep applications and OS patching up-to-date. You must connect with your application and system experts and hop on a consultation call to gain access to real-time security intelligence and vulnerabilities detection using system-recommended applications. Along with this, they can help you perform required patching and migration activities.

To ensure your system and applications are risk-free, Apolis is currently offering a Free Consulting Call. Alongside, they are providing Database patching services to fight Log4J issues at a very reasonable price. You can avail of the offers here.

What Can You Do for Such Cybersecurity Risks?

Making security a company-wide responsibility and restructuring the risk governance is a great first step. Gartner has predicted that to match the widespread adoption of advanced and emerging technologies, 75% of organizations will modify their risk and security protocols by 2023, the percentage is less than 15% today.

As per a report by IDC, 25% of organizations report ransomware on a weekly basis. Having said that, in the midst of such reports, “security brain drain” has highlighted the need for human intelligence and the posed knowledge chasm due to the increasing exits of security experts. The burnout and team culture problems have raised the need for substantial learning and development programs. For an organization, it is important to train their professionals, provide required assistance, and impart skills sufficient enough to carry out the specified tasks.

Eventually, to mitigate the intrusion and security-related risks, scanning your systems and applications periodically is highly recommended. It has been cyber experts’ well-worn phrase but surely ensures expedited fix and better management of sensitive data.

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