by Apolis Published Mar 29, 2023

Warning About Recruiting Scams

Thank you for your interest in APOLIS.

We strongly encourage you to consider applicable job opportunities with Apolis. However, as a rule, you should be wary of ongoing recruitment scams that exist in our marketplace. There are fraudsters who pretend to represent companies like Apolis with ill intent.

Be careful as some victims have been asked to participate in fake interviews, fill out fake employment applications and even given fake offer letters. In most cases, these fraudulent activities are trying to force their victims to pay money or provide personal information.

Please be cautious at each stage in your job search.

You can verify the identify of any Apolis representative by calling our general number (310) 378-6666 or sending an email to

Protect Yourself:

  1. Make sure you verify the domain in any email communication especially if unsolicited.
  2. Be wary of any email from accounts like Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail. Apolis’ recruiters may communication with candidates via LinkedIn, however, our recruiters will not communicate via email unless it is from “APOLISRISES.COM.”
  3. Don’t reply to general inquiries. Make sure the communication specifies the exact job opening (or job description) being offered.
  4. Be careful if you receive an unsolicited communication where the recruiter claims to have seen your resume on a site with which you are not familiar.
  5. Do not provide sensitive personal information such as your national identification number, date of birth, social security number, insurance number, bank account information, passport information or any number appearing on identity documents unless you have verified the company’s and requestor’s identity.
  6. Verify the identity of anyone who asks for an interview.
  7. Be wary if the interview is offered through a video chat room (e.g. Google Hangouts).
  8. Apolis will NEVER ask for monetary payments at any point in the hiring process.
  9. Any payments made by Apolis will be from an official bank account bearing the Apolis name. Do not trust payments from any other source.
  10. Be cautious of any job opportunities that come from people you do not know or appear “too good to be true.”

How Can We Help You?

Send us a message and one of our representatives will contact you within one business day.


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