by Apolis Published Feb 08, 2022

EBS Upgrade

Upgrading your Oracle EBS (E-Business Suite) to 12.2 can help you enhance user experience drastically along with other numerous benefits in terms of efficiency, performance, ROI, and advanced functionalities.

Since the premium support for Oracle EBS 12.1 and its earlier versions was only until Dec 2021, it leaves the users with extended support only, effective Jan 2022. If you wish to continue receiving the premium support and leverage the much-more improved capabilities, it’s the right time for you to upgrade to EBS 12.2 version and get extended premium support until Dec 2031.

Some of the New Features of EBS 12.2:

  1. Good user experience with the latest GUI – Get a modern user experience along with new widgets that help boost productivity. Leverage icon-based page navigation where you can simply select an icon to see a comprehensive list of recent interactions and notifications, among others.
  2. Online patching – Reduce patching downtime and allow patching to be done while your production system is fully operational.
  3. Introduction of WebLogic server – WebLogic is the replacement for the Oracle containers for Java running on 12.0 and 12.1 to ensure scalability and high availability alongside optimized clustering performances.

Benefits of EBS 12.2

  1. Streamlined Installation Process
  2. Reduced Patch Time
  3. Support of Fusion Middleware by Oracle Apps 12.2 Cloning
  4. MS Office 32-bit and 64-bit Certified
  5. High Availability Provided by Online Patching

Functional Enhancements in EBS R12.2 Release

Oracle Financials: Integrate this financial application with the Oracle Fusion Accounting Hub to boost efficiency, improve automation, support evolving accounting, and reporting compliance requirements.

Oracle Purchasing: E-Business Suite 12.2 provides the most effective procure-to-pay cycle automation available, allowing enterprises to boost supplier management, adapt purchasing best practices, and more.

Oracle Supplier Lifecycle Management: This will allow companies to make smart supplier decisions with streamlined registration and review processes, high-visibility, supplier performance evaluations, among others.

Oracle Order Management: This new solution leverages Oracle Configurator, and improves sales visibility as it empowers customers through online self-service tracking functionality and expedites sales cycles, overall, with volume commitments and pre-negotiated terms.

Best Practices of EBS 12.2 upgrade


The Bottom Line

Businesses looking forward to continuing with their premium support alongside providing a modern and much-enhanced user experience should consider upgrading to EBS 12.2. If you want to learn how it can benefit your business or have more questions related to the upgrade, let’s connect.

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