by Apolis Published Dec 15, 2020

2020 marked the year with the highest number of businesses and companies opting for remote work to ensure the safety of their staff and employees. The Coronavirus Pandemic led to the emergence of a new form of work lifestyle, which altered the way that organizations operate. Earlier, platforms aimed to facilitate distant work such as Slack, Zoom, and Dropbox, were either not in the market or simply not known to the public. Now, the demand for such applications has reached a height like never before. Each day, more and more businesses are choosing to transform their work environment in order to allow their employees to work from outside of the office premise. With COVID-19 still in effect in several countries, the need of a successful remote work environment has become extremely important.

On January 14th, Apolis will be hosting a coffee table conversation with Carmina Sander to explore HR strategy and work-style transformation during the Coronavirus outbreak. Carmina specializes in Organizational Development and serves as the CHRO for San Pablo Farmacia. The conversation will cover tips on how to improve your remote work lifestyle and set your company up for success while working out of office.

Here are some tips to create a productive work environment for remote work and set your company up for success during this time.

Follow a stable routine and work rituals:

In order to ensure a productive work environment, you should put in place a stable routine for yourself to follow each day. Try to make this schedule as convenient as possible for you to follow so that you could stick to the routine on a regular basis. This would ensure that you do not lose track of what has to be completed throughout the day.

Stable routine work

Continue to communicate with each other

Communication is vital for any company to grow and flourish at all times. However, after the outbreak, the necessity of transparency within all members of the company has become even more crucial. One of the biggest challenges that the Pandemic has created within the work face is that of improper communication/lack of transparency due to all team members being scattered in various places. Being remote often results in other team members being left in the dark, which is why it has become vital for everyone to be on the same page and work efficiently.

Communicate with others

Customize your workspace

Prior to the outbreak, going to work and interacting with one another within the office premise was something that we looked forward to every day. On the contrary, working from home has resulted in employees feeling a lack of motivation and enthusiasm to pursue their job every morning. In order to ensure a work environment which will allow you to be as productive as possible, it is important to personalize the area where you spend your time working from home.

Keeping Checklists

A significant challenge that working from home poses is meeting deadlines and keeping on top of tasks on a daily basis. A smart way to assure that you meet up to all your deadlines while working remotely is to keep checklists and calendars. This will guarantee a successful collaboration between all team members in the company.

Join the upcoming coffee conversation to learn more about how to prepare your organization and follow helpful tips to ensure that your company continues to excel.

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