by Apolis Published Feb 10, 2020


A leading global automotive manufacturer needed to create a new data architecture and management foundation—modernizing its technology platform to improve access to their materials, manufacturing, inventory, sales and financial data to better manage its supply chain and implement robust analytics for predictive decision making.  

Our client sought a scalable, flexible solution that could meet the demands of its diverse and complex systems including suppliers. They needed a way to quickly integrate new applications, perform audits, increase and improve ad-hoc reporting capability, apply similar business rules across the organization and reduce overhead. Critically, management wanted to enable Risk Management team to aggregate and analyze data in near real time. 



Apolis architected a warehouse and data lake on cloud-based infrastructure on Microsoft Azure. We loaded terabytes of data and implemented a cloud platform that improves data ingestion from numerous sources allowing real-time availability while lowering infrastructure costs. 

Combining our newly streamlined AI-ready data model and cloud-based platform infrastructure together meant that the company could implement intelligent analytics to address prevailing business challenges and enable new initiatives. Our client’s new cloud-based ecosystem improves query and reporting including self – service capability, delivering important information to the business more quickly. 



With access to accurate near real time data, company can now perform advanced, intelligent comparative analyses of trends in data, enabling more rapid business decisions. The new infrastructure now provides visibility into materials, sales, inventory and financial data on an hourly basis, helping management rationalize a path for other cloud-based projects. 

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