Comprehensive Application Management Services tailored to suit your needs.

APOLIS partners with you to make sure that your business runs smooth and efficient, up-to-date with own SAP AMS services tailored to suit your business.

SAP Business

With the deep understanding of technology, right talent & tremendous support, we can transform your organization into a digital business. SAP solutions can help prompt decisions and successfully carry out your digital transformation. SAP software can revolutionize your business and simplify processes in all areas. We help you develop your individual SAP strategy, provide dedicated support for your SAP implementation, and then leverage best-practice solutions to ensure lasting success.

Application Management Services

SAP Application Managed Services are designed in such a way which not only helps your organization in providing an optimization but also generate more value from your SAP application management.

Our systems & application integration services are designed to deliver value throughout every phase of the application portfolio life cycle. These services can also help you realize an increased level of interoperability and better return on investment through ongoing maintenance and operations.

Managed Application Services include:

  • SAP Basis and Functional support
  • SAP Technical Support
  • Advanced configuration and optimization
  • Administration, monitoring and maintenance
  • Data services
  • Offshore Delivery

Managed Infrastructure Services

Apolis offers managed infrastructure services for Global customers. Streamline your IT infrastructure management and operations using tools, processes and get 24x7x365 support for your supported environments, including SAP applications and landscapes.

Managed infrastructure services are backed by prioritized multi level ticketing management with predefined SLAs for customer queries, event escalations, business responses and feedback resolutions.


Professional Consulting

Professional Consulting Services

Let us help you select the optimum managed solution and service models to meet your business and integration needs.

Professional Consulting Services include:

  • Application modernization
  • Assessments
  • System implementation and integration
  • Migration services

AMS Benefits for Client


Understanding the need for users to access data anytime and anywhere will maintain high customer satisfaction. SAP applications can be delivered on mobile platforms in addition to Desktop.


The changing digital climate demands software that is highly flexible and adaptable. SAP service provider can deliver modules that they can configure to meet these requirements thus improving the technical and functional capabilities of customers.


Data security is essential for any business’s success. Application management systems secure data using resources designed for the same. Users can allow or restrict permissions and customize their modules according to the requirements.


Deliver AMS with SLA (Service Level Agreement) agreements with which we commit ourselves to meet time and quality deadlines with the client.

Technical Support

With SAP AMS, customer service staff can interact with customers better and provide them with satisfying experiences which improve decision making for the department.

Human Resources

SAP AMS automates redundant processes to free up human resources for more important work. Businesses can save time and can optimize processes for subsequent cost reduction.

Technical and Functional Support

Technical Support

Our SAP consultants provide technical support for RICEF objects and additional help for many other business management functions related to functional support.

Custom Services

Custom Services

A wide range of professional services for SAP environments are available from APOIS for businesses of all sizes and across industries

System Management and Monitoring

System Management

Our Team involves in SAP system surveillance, monitoring, and management of relevant system and business processes.

Lowered Support Cost

Lowered Support Cost

Leverage offshore delivery model to keep the support costs predictable and transparent.

How Can We Help You?

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