by Apolis Published Oct 17, 2018

–Husband/wife team come to U.S. from India, start managed services/IT staffing companies in 1996 that grow to be become worldwide industry leaders

EL SEGUNDO, CA (Oct. 17, 2018) — RJT Compuquest, RJT Solution Beacon and RJT Compusolutions announced today that the three entities have now become Apolis, a $70 million IT staffing and cloud solutions company. The announcement was made during an employee town hall meeting at U.S. headquarters in El Segundo, CA, and simultaneously at Indian-based operations in Noida, India. Apolis is a human-centered ERP, professional IT staffing and managed cloud solutions company that seamlessly integrates experts into organizations to help solve business challenges with Oracle, SAP, AWS and a wide variety of other managed services solutions.

Prior to today’s Apolis announcement, the three entities had, and will continue to be, privately owned and operated by Co-founders Amar Shokeen and Rita Shokeen, who together with their two small children, came to the U.S. in 1994 to pursue the American Dream, and in 1996, started their first company.  Mr. Shokeen is now Chief Executive Office of Apolis, while Mrs. Shokeen is Chief Operating Officer.  Other executive management appointments are Lori Tabb, Chief Marketing Officer; Michael Follin, SVP Sales; Doug Jett, SVP Managed Services; Arjun Shokeen, Vice President Strategy; and Timothy Vo, Director Global Recruitment.

“RJT Compuquest  — now Apolis — has proven to be a valuable partner in our ongoing effort to land top talent,” said Jordan Rao, Senior Corporate Recruiter/Talent Selection & Engagement for The Cheesecake Factory, Inc., named one of Fortune’s 100 Best Places To Work for five consecutive years.  “They take time to understand our business needs and work hard to deliver qualified candidates.”

Other big brands including Fortune 500 and 100 giants 3M, Nestle USA, Qualcomm Inc., Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc., Toyota Industries Global Commercial Finance, and Baxter Healthcare all entrust ERP, managed services and professional IT staffing needs to Apolis.

“Although the technology ecosystem in which we do business has changed dramatically since 1996, our core philosophy and corporate mission have not changed in the last 22 years,” said Mr. Shokeen during today’s Apolis announcement.  “We remain a human-centered company, dedicated to nurturing the life-long relationships we have built with client companies and IT professionals worldwide.  Even though we have hit a $70 million revenue milestone, our biggest accomplishment still remains the thousands of lives we have positively impacted, and the hundreds of companies we have helped to solve business challenges.”

“We understand that what got us to 20 years and $70 million is not necessarily what will guide us through the next 20 years, thus the re-organization and renewed commitment to the future,” concluded Mr. Shokeen in today’s announcement.   “The move to the cloud has drastically changed the way we do business and will continue to evolve for quite some time.   Apolis is poised to lead that evolution.

Companies and professionals also need to embrace AI, IoT and blockchain, all areas of focus for us throughout the next decade.  We will soon be debuting our own new AI recruiting tool, which will significantly enhance the way we screen professionals.”

About Apolis

Based in the Los Angeles area, Apolis is a human-centered ERP, professional IT staffing and cloud solutions company that seamlessly integrates experts into organizations to help solve business challenges.

Apolis’s growth to $70 million is the product of over 20 years of experience in analyzing clients’ needs and evolving the approach to SAP, Oracle, and IT and consulting solutions. Its global workforce of thousands keeps the company responsive and able to support virtually any business, anywhere in the world. The company is investing in training and the development of leading-edge technologies to help its clients stay ahead of the technology curve.

Apolis pairs an expansive array of IT capabilities with a spectrum of service levels, from full managed services to on-demand and offshore staff augmentation. The company also has an extensive training program for its IT professionals, including mobile app development training and job placement.

Apolis operates under the premise that behind every innovative solution are extraordinary people. As Apolis grows, so does its commitment to superior personalized service and the people who provide it.

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