by Apolis Published Feb 01, 2021


A solution to overcome challenges associated with Traditional Data Warehouses

There has always been a resilient need of access to accurate, timely, relevant, and reliable information to support and drive decision making. Business relationships, customer demands and organizational structures are changing with great speed. Enterprise analytics needs are evolving and becoming more challenging.

Traditional Data Warehouses that once satisfied these requirements are too rigid to bring together diverse (structured and unstructured) data types. Existing data warehouses and the teams that maintain them are struggling to keep up with structural changes to data sources and adapting to data sets from newly implemented systems. Thus, organizations today suffer from time-consuming reporting, experience data quality issues and most importantly cannot answer forward-looking, predictive questions. Key challenges inherent in traditional data warehousing are stubborn structure, complex architecture, slow performance, outdated technology and lack of governance.

There is a need for more agile way to obtain the information that Enterprises need today.

Modern Data Platforms are more flexible, open, simplified, future oriented, high performant with in-memory processing which provide full control and data governance – thus making them perfect solution to today’s data challenges. Some features of modern platforms which enable enterprises to bring their data warehousing to modern era are as follows –

  • A data pipeline capable of capturing and storing a large amount and variety of data from an increasing range of sources, including social media and text logs.
  • The ability to process data in memory to quickly prepare it for reporting, helping to deliver real-time insights.
  • Tiered storage so that data can be separated and easily accessed when it is needed.
  • Compatibility with all business intelligence processes to allow simple, instant access to business users.
  • Advanced analytics capabilities to deliver deeper insights, create opportunities, and predict future outcomes.

Installing a new data solution requires expert support from a dedicated team of consultants. Apolis architects have been designing and implementing Modern Data Platforms and are eager to empower your company by improving data quality and data integration, leading to enhanced reporting and analytics efficiency.

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